"Mens Sana In Corpore Sano" Or "A Sound Mind In A Sound Body"

Mission & Philosophy

We are a group of table tennis enthusiasts who meet regularly to play for fun. We believe that we can improve our skill through practice and competition

Our mission is to promote table tennis as an interesting sport and to create a friendly environment where everyone can have fun, socialize, and maintain good health at the same time

We encourage players of all levels to come to play and compete with one another. We welcome everyone who finds table tennis pleasurable. There is no mamdatory attendance. Members and non-members can come and play any time at their convenience. Training is provided for beginners at no charge. We strive to give everyone the oportunity to learn and participate in this recreational sport

Facility & Equipment

We are located inside Hong Kong Market Place. The facility is well-lit, air conditioned, and very clean. We are just steps away from the Food Court which offers a variety of foods and drinks. Groceries are also conveniently available at Hong Kong Market

We have six tables of international tournament quality. We use high quality net sets and three-star 40 mm balls. We also have loaner paddles for those who do not bring their own. Our members ranging in age from 20 to 70 are diversed. We are a non-profit organization consisting of people who have a common interest in the sport of table tennis