Club Policy
Members must park their vehicles in designated parking area

All players including non-members must sign in and wear uniform OR ID badge at all times. Guest badges are available

All players including non-members must sign a liability waiver

Barriers must be used to set up the play court without blocking the walkway

Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent

Shouting or making loud noises that might affect nearby offices is prohibited

Climbing up the canopies to collect lost balls is prohibited

Warm-up time limit is 3 minutes if there are waiting players. The winner of 3 out of 5 games can choose to continue to play with the next player or stop playing and give his or her right to play to another player

Players who prefer practice to games have 15 minutes to do so if other players are waiting. After that either player has to get out to let the next player get in

Each player can only play a maximum of 3 matches continuously. This is intended to prevent top players from holding the table too long


"Mens Sana In Corpore Sano" Or "A Sound Mind In A Sound Body"