We welcome everyone to join our club. Application can be downloaded here. Complete and return your application with appropriate fees

One-time enrollment fee: $50

Quarterly membership dues: $45

Non-members fee: $4 per session


"Mens Sana In Corpore Sano" Or "A Sound Mind In A Sound Body"

Cancellation & Late fees
There is a late fee of $5 for every week a member is late on membership dues. Maximum late fee charge is $30 and after that membership will be automatically cancelled

All fees are not refundable. Non-payments and late fees will accrue unless membership is cancelled either by the member or by us

Former members who wish to re-join the club must pay all past due balances plus the enrollment fee again. If a member needs to temporaryly withdraw from the club, he or she must notify us in order to avoid the future re-enrollment fee
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